El Dorado High School

Scholarship Application Checklist

Application Form:  |  Letter(s) of Recommendation: (Request these early!)  |  Resume Information:  |  Essay or Personal Statement:  |  Submitting your application:

Application Form:Go To Top of Page

There is usually an application form, maybe paper, maybe online. Make sure you are using the correct application. It's sometimes easy to be confused about listings on the CALocal website. If you read it over again and are still not sure about the application, come to the College & Career Center for help.

Letter(s) of Recommendation: (Request these early!)Go To Top of Page

These are almost always required. Request your letters with at least 2 weeks lead time. Ask 2-4 people, with at least one non-staff member. Good choices are teachers, coaches, employers, volunteer coordinators - people who have seen the best in you. If you're asking a staff member, use the EDHS Brag Sheet. Remember to show your appreciation when someone writes you a letter!


Resume Information:Go To Top of Page

Most scholarship applications require your resume information - some will ask for a formal resume. This is simply a list of your awards, accomplishments, work experience, clubs, offices held, volunteerism, sports, etc. You can find some tips for brainstorming a resume here.

Essay or Personal Statement:Go To Top of Page

You will usually need to write something about yourself - an essay or a personal statement. Some will want to know about your background, others will ask about your educational or career plans. It is important to read the essay prompt carefully and be sure to address the topic. There are many websites with tips to help you make your essay stand out from the crowd. For some great information try: bigfuture.collegeboard.org
Your goal is to give the reader a glimpse of who you are, and the best essays show rather than tell. Invest some time in self-reflection to think of a story or circumstance that reflects your personal qualities, and use that story to make your point.
Save yourself a re-write - have someone read your first draft before finalizing your idea. Do a thorough proofreading, but do it later, when you get close to a final draft. Be sure that your work looks neat, you make your point clearly, you capitalize proper nouns, and that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.
Remember, the essay is your chance to show that YOU are their ideal candidate!

Submitting your application:Go To Top of Page

Present yourself well

Make sure you have carefully followed all the instructions. Any handwritten information should be neat & legible. If It's not prohibited, a nice cover page with the name of the scholarship, your name, and a simple posed photo of yourself adds a professional touch.

Attaching documents

Double-check your scholarship instructions. Be sure to include any other types of required documentation. If you are missing anything, your application will likely be rejected. Don't worry about the order of the documents unless they have specified an order. Generally you will put your application first.

Turn it in to the right place - on time

Read your scholarship guidelines again. Where, when, and how do you submit it? Mail it? Drop it off somewhere? Is the due date "postmarked by" or "received by? Get it to the right place on time!

Your scholarship application is a reflection of you

You want to make the best impression possible. Check it for completeness, neatness, spelling, capitalization.

And when you win...

Always remember to thank the sponsor promptly. Not only is it polite, the sponsors really like to know that you appreciate their effort and support.