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How to get a Work Permit processed during Distance Learning?
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How to get a Work Permit processed during Distance Learning?
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During Distance Learning students are not permitted on campus for the reason of turning in a request for a work permit. Follow the instructions below to obtain a Work Permit.
How to submit a work permit request:
  • Download and print the Request for Work Permit
  • Complete pg. 1 of the permit, as well as all three sections on pg. 2 (minor’s information, parent signature, and employer information). These sections must be complete before submitting your work permit.  
  • Email option: Scan and email completed work permit to syurkovic@eduhsd.k12.ca.us
  • Other Options: If you do not have access to a scanner, computer or email, you can take a picture/screenshot of your work permit with your phone and text it to my google voice work number at (530) 303-8353.
  • The permit will be processed and emailed back to you.  Please allow 24 hrs for processing. 

Job Board
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To receive weekly job postings, join the "Job Board" group on StudentSquare.  Follow this tutorial to join!

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