Seniors - College Planning

All year

  • Work hard to keep your grades up for the entire year.  Second-semester grades can affect scholarship eligibility and your acceptance status at your college of choice.
  • Take advantage of school holidays to make college visits.
  • Look for scholarship opportunities by visiting the College & Career Center.
  • When you Turn 18 Survival Guide


  • Apply to 4-year college(s).
  • After October 1, begin your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at or your Dream Act Application.  Pay attention to the earliest financial aid deadline of the school you are applying to.
  • Visit the Cal Grant website to make sure your gpa was uploaded (after submitting the FAFSA).
  • Apply to the college of your choice. Pay close attention to deadlines on your application.
  • Ask your counselor and teachers to submit required documents well before your application deadline(e.g., transcript, letters of recommendation, etc.).
  • Check your email and/or your college portal(s) regularly, follow up with anything they request of you.
  • Attend the EDUHSD Regional College Fair at UMHS in October.
  • Take or re-take ACT / SAT by November.


  • Start applying for local scholarship on the website.
  • Apply to community college starting in February. Visit the Los Rios website to research the four local community colleges in our area. 
  • Take community college assessments in February.


  • Visit colleges that have invited you to enroll.
  • Complete Community College orientation & counseling requirements.
  • Apply for California College Promise Grant for community Colleges, if eligible.
  • Attend Career Expo at UMHS in March.
  • If you're headed to a CSU, sign up for the CSU ELM/EPT (unless you're exempt).
  • Review 4-year college acceptances.
  • Review and compare financial aid offers - ask questions if you don't understand them.
  • Make your 4-year college decision by May 1.
  • Sign up for Community College classes in May.

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