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Academic DecathlonGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mr. Conrad
Club Description: Kids are given a set of materials that they study for a semester and then compete against other schools in the county.
When/Where: Wednesdays, and Fridays at lunch in C233

All Inclusive Activities ClubGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mrs. Applegarth
When/Where: TBA/Room E150
Club Advisor: Mrs. Verner
Club Description:  Pending
When/Where: Friday at lunch in V197
Requirements: Open to all.

Computer Club
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Club Advisor: Mr. Dizon
Club Description:  Pending
When/Where: No club 1st semester/ 2nd semester will meet Mondays at lunch in B122
Requirements: Open to all.

Cougar Creations
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Club Advisor: Mrs. Schreck
Club Description:  Pending
When/Where: TBD
Requirements: Open to all.

Creative Crowd Photo ClubGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mrs. Bourque
Club Description: Creative Crowd is all about the beautiful pictures and the enthusiasm to capture the world's beauty!
When/Where: no club 1st semester
Requirements: Open to all.

CSF (California Scholarship Federation)Go To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mrs. Fregoso & Mrs. Morris
Club Description: Scholarship. Character. Leadership. Service.
When/Where: Google Meet: Monday, November 16th, 11:00 am.  Google Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/zab-mpir-bwb?hs=122&authuser=0
Club Advisor: Mr. Tomei
Club Description: To organize, promote, and rehearse the two main stage productions at EDHS, put on several smaller productions, to organize and fund drama field trips.
When/Where: Lunch in the theatre as announced in the Daily Bulletin.
Requirements: Open to all.

Faith Out LoudGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mr. Round
Club Description: A gathering of Christian students for support, encouragement, prayer, fun and fellowship.
When/Where: No club 2020-21
Requirements: Open to all.

Generation GreenGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mr. Plewa & Mr. Mullins
Club Description: The Generation Green Club is an on-campus club that promotes, supports and provides opportunities to be involved in outdoor education, leadership and development. We support these opportunities through field trips, competitive summer internship opportunities, and other public lands volunteer work. We host speakers on campus, fundraise for special events, and provide job/internship-related workshops on campus. If you are interested in a career in public lands, or just want to get outdoors, join the club and learn more about the opportunities outside!
When/Where: Tuesday at lunch in N4
Requirements: Open to all.

Gay Straight AllianceGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mrs. Sparrow-Fischer
Club Description: Helping people be understanding & accepting of others
When/Where: TBD/ Room D142
Requirements: Open to all.

Hands for HopeGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Lori Whittle (lori@hands4hopeyouth.org)
Club Description: Pending
When/Where: TBD
Requirements: Open to all

Health Academy AOKGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Ms. Wunschel
Club Description: Health Academy
When/Where: No club 2020-21
Club Advisor: Mrs. Uber
Club Description:
When/Where: No club 2020-21
Club Advisor: Mrs. Yurkovic
Club Description: Get involved in the community & participate in service projects. This is a service club sponsored by the Placerville Rotary. Meets at lunch.
When/Where: TBD/Visit the College & Career Center for Info (Room A-210)
Club Advisor: Mrs. Trykar
Club Description: Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.
When/Where: Every other Monday at 2:30 pm in Mrs. Trykar's Room (C232)
Requirements: Open to all.
Current Projects:
  • Constructing a Community garden at Duffy Park
  • Care packages for Marshall Hospital
  • Cards for Troops

Knitting and Crochet ClubGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Ms. Cox
Club Description: TBA
When/Where: Tuesdays 12:10 pm/ Google Classroom or Zoom
Requirements: Open to all.
Club Advisor: Ms. Linden
Club Description: This is a club for people who love reading, good books, and want to join other book lovers to talk about good books they're reading or want to read. This group will also help recommend items for Mrs. Linden to add to the library!
When/Where: Wednesday at lunch in the Forum
Requirements: Open to all.

Manos a la ObraGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mr. Beasley
Club Description: Manos a la Obra Club is open to everyone, and dedicated to promoting diversity, Latino culture, community service, and higher education for its members.
When/Where: No Club 2020-21
Requirements: Open to all.

Natural Resources ClubGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Mrs. Potter
When/Where: 1st Monday of month at lunch in E155 

Physics Club
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Club Advisor: Mrs. Sparrow
Club Description:  Pending
When/Where: Last Friday of the month at lunch via zoom
Requirements: Open to all.
Club Advisor: Mrs. Reed
Club Description: Promotes the benefits of dance.
When/Where: 2nd and 4th Tuesday at lunch in the dance room
Requirements: Open to all.
Club Advisor: Ms. Ferrell (patferrell58@gmail.com)
Club Description: District-wide competition team. Learn about robotics & compete in regional events. No experience necessary. 
When/Where: https://3189.team/
Requirements: Open to all.

Speech and DebateGo To Top of Page

Club Advisor: Ms. Winter
Club Description: If you love to talk or win an argument, this award-winning competition team is for you. Chance to have your say in both regional and national events.
When/Where: 3:30-4:30 on Tuesday and Thursday in C234
Requirements: Open to all.