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Back to School Night Info

Back to School Night (Online):

Wednesday, September 29 starting at 6:00pm

Back to School Night information:
This year Back to School Night is online.  Back to School Night is the time for parents to learn about their student's classes and to learn about other aspects of the school. Our Back-to-School Night is going to take place on September 29th at 6pm. There will be more information to come next week about links and ways to access videos for your student’s classes and other programs on campus. 
How to access Teacher Videos:
You will sit down with your student and have them log into their Google Classroom, or via our school website.  Each teacher will post the link to their Back to School Night video in their Google Classroom stream as well as this page of our website.  These videos will be available starting at 6:00pm on September 29th.  We appreciate your partnership in your students' education and participation in our Back to School Night.  
Back to School Night Teacher Videos

Back to School Night Teacher Videos

Andrade, Danielle
Applegarth, Leah
Beasley, Adam
Bishop, Shelley
Bourque, Brigid
Brown, Marci
Caudle, Christina
Collins, Jared
Conrad, David
Cox, Travis
Cox, Amy
Davis, William
Denney, Colin
Dizon, Conrad
Drummond, Carissa
Fisburn, Mary
Garmers, Erika
Gautschi, D. Tobias
Gennai, Alison
Gunnersen, Lance
Hardy, Trish
Harrison, Kristine
Herrman, Chris
Hedegard, Laura
Howton, Marti
Inks, Mike
Jarrett, Lisa
Jumper, Jina
Kasnic, Dale
Keirsey, Robyn
Morris, Wendy
Mullins, Darren
Owens, Jessica
ELD 2/3 (C. Garcia)
Parker, Ron
Pereira, Justine
Plewa, Chris
Piffereni, Rob
Potter, Kevin
Potter, Krista
Reed, Leslie
Reifke, Amy
Round, Douglas
Sarge, Marc
Setterlund, Kimberly
Shryock, Kacee
Somer, Kim
Sparrow, Brittaney
Sparrow-Fischer, Megan
Tomei, Paul
Trykar, Jamie
Verner, Kim
Volek, Joe