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El Dorado High School Bell Schedules 2019

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  • Remediation Schedule begins November 19
  • Students receive their remediation assignment on November 18 (at the latest)
  • Mentors also receive their remediation assignments on November 18 (at the latest)
  • Remediation runs Tues-Fri for 3 weeks; remediation will NOT run the week of finals

Nuts and Bolts

  • Remediation (students with 1 or more F) is Mandatory
  • Study Hall (students with 1 or more D, no Fs) is Mandatory
  • Enrichment is highly encouraged but not mandatory; enrichment can be department specific or an extra opportunity for students. 
  • Students may not leave campus until the start of lunch at 1:14pm. The remediation start time is NOT the official start time of lunch.
  • Students are NOT losing lunch by being placed in remediation.
  • If a student in remediation raises his grade to passing, that student will stay in that remediation and work on maintaining his grade and/or improving grades in other classes. We will try to avoid adding variables like fluid attendance for this 3 week session.