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After school FREE drop-in peer tutoring in the Library, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, 3:30-4:30. The Blue Latte tutoring lab re-opens after progress grades come out, and runs through the week before finals.
 - OR -
Hire a personal Peer Tutor at the rate of $12/hour - you negotiate the time & place. You pay the tutor directly. Request a tutor below.
(Transportation is not available for Blue Latte. Students will need to provide their own transportation.)

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If you need a tutor you've come to the right place!

Blue Latte Tutors are certified as above-average EDHS students who have taken courses related to the subject matter requested, and received good grades in those courses. All subjects, all levels, and all grades are available - even elementary & middle school!
Request a tutor by clicking here, or stop by the Career Center. You can expect an email reply within a couple days with the contact information of one or more potential Tutors. 

Blue Latte Tutors charge $12/hour and once you receive your list, it will be up to you to make contact with a Tutor, set up a meeting time/place, and provide payment to your Tutor.
If you have any questions about the Blue Latte Tutor Program, please contact Mrs. Bastian in the EDHS Career Center: (530) 622-3634 x1033 or

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Qualifications for becoming a Blue Latte Peer Tutor are based on your grade point average, successfully completing and passing corresponding courses with an A or B, your attendance, and the recommendation of your counselor.
You may participate in one or both of the following options as a PAID tutor:
  • Free Tutoring Lab after school - this program is grant funded and scheduling is arranged monthly through the Career Center. Payment is a monthly stipend that equates to approx. $12/hour.
  • Private Paid Tutor Program - your name is placed on a list of potential tutors, to be given to students needing a private tutor. All arrangements made in this program are strictly between you and the person you are tutoring, including payment. You may accept or decline these offers at your option. The expected pay rate is $12/hour.
El Dorado HS students in all grades may apply to become a Blue Latte Peer Tutor here, or stop by the Career Center. You can expect an email response within a couple days. If you have questions, please see Mrs. Bastian in the Career Center.

(Please note that priority for paid tutoring assignments is given to students who have an Academic Peer Tutor class on their schedule. Please see your counselor if you would like to add an Academic Peer Tutor class to your course load.)