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College Planning - Freshmen

College Planning - Freshmen


  • Take Challenging classes in core academic subjects.  Most colleges require four years of English, at least three years of social studies, three years of mathematics, and three years of science.  Many also require two years of a foreign language.  Round out your course load with classes in computer science and the arts. 
  • Use the aid-estimator to estimate your financial aid and start saving for college. 
  • Get involved in school or community activities that excite you or let you explore your career interests. 
  • Attend College Rep Visits during lunch. 
  • Make sure you understand college A-G requirements. Meet with your counselor if you have questions.


  • Ask your guidance counselor or teachers about which Advanced Placement courses are available to you next year, and whether you are eligible to enroll in them. 
  • Look at summer volunteer opportunities. Pick ones that let you explore your career interests. 
  • Attend Career Expo at UMHS in Spring. Details will be sent out via ParentSquare in January.

All year

  • Get to know what you like, what you're good at, and how that all fits into career areas. Consider taking an interactive career assessment to help you determine what careers you are naturally interested in. 
  • Be aware of your social media presence, and how it represents you.
  • Make a list of your activities to help you in building a resume later.
  • Keep your grades up!
Freshman Resources

Freshman Resources

It's never too early to research options for your future!  The below sites can help!
California Career Zone, Powered by Headed2
El Dorado High School uses the California Career Zone to assist students in researching and identifying future career options. Click on the image above to explore the California Career Zone website.
Additional Resources: