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Teen Wellness

As you may know, Sierra Child & Family Services (SCFS) facilitates “Wellness Centers” at each of our school sites, which aim to assist students and families with crisis intervention, navigation to resources, and improving student well-being in connection with the school on-campus.

During the school closure, the Wellness Center staff members are continuing to work with families remotely to address needs during this challenging time.
If your family needs non-emergency assistance and can't access the internet, please call (530) 280-2009.
Fentanyl Awareness

Fentanyl Awareness

El Dorado COPE launched a Public Awareness Campaign last week to increase community awareness of the rise of fentanyl substance use and fentanyl-related overdoses locally, statewide, and nationally. 
The Fighting Fentanyl in EDC campaign provides the EDC community with easily-accessible information regarding fentanyl, substance use disorders, and how to respond when someone overdoses. El Dorado COPE has compiled information regarding the signs of an overdose, testing for fentanyl, and knowing your rights. The campaign website page also acts as a directory of SUD-related services in El Dorado County and provides agency information for SUD treatment, MAT treatment, free Narcan distribution sites, and harm reduction services.
The campaign and campaign materials can be found and downloaded via the website page The desktop and mobile version of the campaign is live. For best viewing on a desktop use a Google Chrome web browser. For best at-home printing, print from a web browser. 

Community Resources

  • Alanon/Alateen: 916.334.2970
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters: 530.626.1222
  • Boys & Girls Club: 530.295.8019
  • Cal-SAFE (for pregnant & parenting students): 530.622.7130
  • Child Abuse Reporting: 800.422.4453
  • Domestic Violence Hotline: 916.920.2952
  • El Dorado Transit: 530.642.5383
  • Health Department: 530.621.6100
  • Health Depot: 530.626.3722
  • Mental Health Crisis Line: 530.622-3345
  • New Morning Youth and Family Services: 530.626.4190
  • Progress House, transitional housing: 530.642-1715
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline: 530.622.3345
  • Women's Center: 530.626.1450
  • Women's Crisis Line: 530.626.1131

Crisis Resources