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Student Activities

Student Activities Director

Student Activities Director

Leslie Reed
530.622.3634 x 1127/1107
About Leadership

About Leadership

The Leadership Class is primarily a service organization to serve and highlight those around us. Skills learned through Leadership will include organization (committees), research (brainstorming and planning), financial administration (accounting, purchase orders, budgets), interpersonal skills (group dynamics, listening, problem solving, communication, public speaking), and special skills (elections, workshops, goal setting, evaluations). Some of the events may take place outside regular school hours (early mornings, after schools and occasional weekends).
The demands on your time will be determined by your position and the amount of responsibility you choose to assume. It is expected that all students will participate in “out of class Leadership activities”, including rally run‐through and set‐up, rally day preparation, homecoming activities, dance decoration and take down, etc.
ID/ASB Card Info

ID/ASB Card Info

You will need a current El Dorado photo ID card or ASB card for the following:
  • to ride the school bus.
  • to use the library services.
  • to purchase dance tickets.
  • to get the student or ASB prices at sporting events.
NEW Digital ID Cards:
  • School photos will be taken during the first week of school with make-up pictures available on September 12th
  • EDHS is moving to an all-new digital school ID option.  Instead of a card you must carry, you can now pull your student ID up on your phone for sporting events, dances, and more.  Follow the instructions below to get your digital ID.  
Digital ID
ASB Cards:
  • The Associated Student Body Card (ASB) is another way to have a photo ID card.  For a fee of $30, the ASB card allows free entrance to all non-playoff EDHS home sporting events, reduced dance ticket costs, and other student activity discounts.  More than $200 can be saved by buying this card!  All money collected from the sale of ASB cards remains on campus and is spent on behalf of students by the Student Council.  Buy the ASB card at the student store during lunch.